Alternatives to Netflix: Top Streaming Options in 2024

netflix alternatives

Editorial Credit: Casimiro_PT / Depositphotos

The streaming service landscape is bustling with viable options for viewers who are looking for variety beyond Netflix.

Each service offers a unique library of content and various subscription plans to fit different preferences and budgets.

ServicePriceContent Quantity
Amazon Prime Video$8.99/month24,000+ movies, 2,100+ shows
Hulu$5.99/month3,000+ titles
Disney+$7.99/month7,000+ episodes, 500+ movies
HBO Max$9.99/month2,500+ movies and shows
Apple TV+$4.99/month100+ exclusive titles

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video stands out for its large selection of movies, TV shows, and original programming.

It also includes added perks of an Amazon Prime membership like free shipping on Amazon purchases.

  • Monthly Price: $8.99
  • Content Available: 24,000+ movies and 2,100+ shows


Hulu is known for its vast library of current-season TV shows from many popular networks, live TV options, and its own original series.

  • Monthly Price: $5.99 (with ads)
  • Content Available: 3,000+ titles


Disney+ is perfect for families and fans of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, offering a treasure trove of classic and contemporary movies and shows.

  • Monthly Price: $7.99
  • Content Available: 7,000+ television episodes and 500+ movies


HBO Max offers a wide variety of premium content from HBO, including blockbuster movies, originals, and a collection of content from brands like Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DC, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Cartoon Network, and Looney Tunes.

  • Monthly Price: $9.99 (with ads)
  • Content Available: 2,500+ movies and shows

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is the go-to platform for critically acclaimed Apple Originals, featuring a growing lineup of high-quality TV shows and movies produced by top talents.

  • Monthly Price: $4.99
  • Content Available: 100+ exclusive shows and movies

Free Alternatives to Netflix

While Netflix remains a giant in streaming, viewers have a variety of free alternatives that offer an extensive range of movies and TV shows.

These services may include ads but don’t require a subscription fee.


Crackle is a free streaming platform that offers an assortment of movies, TV shows, and original content.

It’s supported by ads, but users don’t need to pay a subscription fee, making it an accessible option for budget-conscious streamers.


Tubi provides a substantial library of films and series across genres.

With content from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM, Tubi’s ad-supported service allows users to enjoy free streaming without monthly charges.


Owned by Amazon, IMDb TV features a collection of movies and TV shows at no cost.

Content is ad-supported, and viewers can access the service on a variety of devices, making it a user-friendly choice for free entertainment.


Plex is a media server that also offers free streaming of movies and TV shows.

While it’s known for letting users manage their personal media collections, Plex also includes on-demand content that’s available to stream for free with commercials.


NBCUniversal’s Peacock has a free tier which includes movies, classic shows, and some original series.

Although it provides less content than its paid counterpart, the service still presents a worthy selection of programming without a subscription fee.