Ferrari 2023 Review: Unleashing Sheer Performance and Style

ferrari 2023 review

Editorial Credit: NEON

The enthusiasm for sports cars has consistently captured hearts. This is much attributed to the surge of excitement at breakneck speeds, the intricate dance of pistons and gears in motion, and the potent feeling of severing ties with the mundane.

Fans of these roaring machines often find a certain indescribable joy in their vehicular passion.

Sensing this ardor for automotive thrills, Hollywood frequently attempts to translate the roar of exhausts and squeal of tires onto the silver screen. Over the years, several films have sought to bottle this essence, with varying degrees of success.

Amid this lineage, Ferrari, with Neon and STX Entertainment at the helm and under Michael Mann’s direction, joins the race. It’s the latest entry aimed at channeling the intensity and culture surrounding car racing. Yet, the question lingers whether this movie manages to capture the lead or fumbles right out of the starting gate.


Enzo Ferrari’s Dilemmas: Italy, 1957

  • Challenges on the Track and in Business

    • Enzo Ferrari grapples with his racing team’s underperformance.
    • Needing to clinch victory at the crucial Mille Miglia race to stabilize his company amidst financial strains.
    • Contemplating taking on partners for the first time to save Ferrari.
  • Family Tensions

    • Enzo’s marriage is strained by the loss of his son, Dino, yet his wife Laura remains a pivotal figure in handling his professional affairs.
    • In spite of their grief, the couple’s shared commitment to managing the Ferrari enterprise continues to bind them.
  • Secrets and Responsibilities

    • Beyond his marriage, Enzo maintains a relationship with Lina Lardi and their son, Piero, shielded from public scrutiny.
    • The pressure to recognize and take on his responsibilities to Piero intensifies.
  • A Defining Race

    • With domestic turmoil reaching its peak and the fate of his company in the balance, Enzo’s focus turns to the upcoming Mille Miglia.
    • It’s a pivotal moment that could define Enzo’s legacy and the future of the Ferrari brand.

Pros and Cons of “Ferrari”


  • The film provides a thought-provoking character study of Enzo Ferrari, shedding light on his drive for perfection and the impact on his company’s reputation in the racing world.
  • Adam Driver’s portrayal of Enzo Ferrari is layered, tapping into the complexity of a man obsessed with racing excellence over domestic tranquility.
  • Michael Mann’s direction enhances the racing sequences with a visceral quality that puts viewers in the heart of the action, particularly during the Mille Miglia race with its intense and energetic execution.
  • The setting is effectively realized, with a faithful and naturalistic reconstruction of Italy in the late 1950s, grounding the film’s narrative in a tangible reality.


  • The narrative struggles with an overabundance of subplots, leading to a scattered focus that undermines the character development and the central story around Enzo Ferrari.
  • Although the racing scenes are well-crafted, their infrequency leaves a desire for more emphasis on the high-stakes world of car racing to fully engage audiences.
  • A number of the additional characters suffer from lack of depth, causing interactions and conflicts to lose the significance they might have carried with greater development.
  • The film concludes without providing a comprehensive or definitive look at Enzo Ferrari’s life, leaving viewers with a somewhat incomplete picture of the iconic figure.

The film “Ferrari” taps into the allure of motorsports and offers a unique perspective on the life of Enzo Ferrari, even as it wrestles with narrative cohesiveness and a clear direction. The performance by Adam Driver and the skillful direction by Michael Mann make the film an engaging watch, particularly for those fascinated by the intersection of character and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the competitive world of racing.

Final Thoughts on the Film

The biopic “Ferrari” offers a lens into the intricate life of Enzo Ferrari, a man synonymous with automotive brilliance and the emblematic Italian brand he founded. Michael Mann crafts a narrative that dives deep into Ferrari’s multifaceted existence, meshing his professional hurdles with his personal battles. The silver screen comes alive with intense racing scenes that echo Ferrari’s dedication to the automobile industry.


  • Enzo Ferrari portrayed as a complex, driven individual
  • Passionate performances by Driver and Cruz
  • Notable racing sequences from Michael Mann

The film sometimes veers off track, with certain dialogues not quite hitting the mark and the plot taking meandering turns that overshadow the core story. The secondary characters don’t leave a lasting impression, as they lack the depth needed to bolster the main narrative.

Despite these pitfalls, there’s intrigue in peering into Ferrari’s world, uncovering the man behind the legacy. However, the film might not be everyone’s cup of tea, due to its focus on drama over high-speed thrills. Those searching for a film that’s thoroughly immersed in the racing world might find “Ferrari” parked a little too long on the starting line rather than racing towards a compelling finale.

For some, “Ferrari” might still hold appeal, especially to those interested in character-led stories. Yet, it might not garner universal praise, with a more tempered recommendation to approach it with measured expectations. At its core, “Ferrari” straddles the line between a homage to motorsports and a dramatic exploration, yet struggles to find the right gear, leading to a cinematic ride that has noteworthy moments but doesn’t fully deliver the anticipated adrenaline rush of its racing counterparts.