Bill Hader The Cat in the Hat Movie: A Whimsical Adventure Await

bill hader cat and the hat

Editorial Credit: Featureflash

Bill Hader is set to voice the title character in the new animated feature film, The Cat in the Hat. This adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s classic story is scheduled to hit movie theaters on March 6, 2026.

Joining Hader in the voice cast are Quinta Brunson, Bowen Yang, Xochitl Gomez, Matt Berry, and Paula Pell.

The narrative weaves around the whimsical cat who intervenes to brighten the lives of two children facing challenges in acclimating to a new neighborhood.

With a blend of mischief and magic, The Cat in the Hat introduces the children to the joy of creativity and the wonder of imagination.

  • Directed By: Alessandro Carloni and Erica Rivinoja
  • Produced By: Daniela Mazzucato and Jared Stern
  • Executive Producers: Bill Hader and Susan Brandt

The project comes to life through a collaboration between Warner Bros. Pictures Animation and Dr. Seuss Enterprises. It represents the cherished character’s first foray into animated cinema, contrasting the earlier live-action film from 2003 starring Mike Myers.

This fresh rendition of The Cat in the Hat is just the beginning of a series of animated ventures developed jointly by Warner Animation and Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

The film is anticipated to be a visually stunning and heartwarming celebration of Dr. Seuss’s timeless story, set to captivate a new generation of viewers along with long-time fans.

The production team is driven by the expertise of DNEG Animation, known for their high-quality animation work, ensuring the film’s visual aspects will honor the vibrancy of Dr. Seuss’s world.

With talented artists and producers at the forefront, and an executive production team including Susan Brandt, the president and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the film is positioned to be more than just entertainment; it’s an homage to one of literature’s most endearing universes.