One of the things that are causing quite a stir in the virtual gambling scene nowadays is live dealer roulette. A lot of virtual gamblers seem to share the same sentiments that the presence of a live dealer lends a certain level of realism to the virtual games. In a setting that is highly digitized, people used to rely solely on computer programming to perform the things that in traditional casino settings would be performed by a dealer.

Today, online casinos seem to recognize the benefits of human interactions in web-based gambling platforms and many are jumping into the chance of offering games where live dealers are present.

If you are unfamiliar with live dealer roulette, the best way to describe it is a combination of what land-based and online casino games can offer. In this setup, there will be a broadcast of a dealer who is in some remote location which the rest of the players will see via webcam. The game is then played the same way as any casino game.

Unlike purely automated and digitized roulette games where a random number generator is used to determine the winning numbers, an online roulette game with a live dealer will use the live dealer to actually spin the roulette and determine the winner based on the results after the wheel has been spun. It is also the responsibility of the dealer to ensure that any related casino action is carried out to ensure that the game moves forward.

Live games usually come in two types. The first type is where an online casino will broadcast a dealer who is located in a private studio. This setup is to ensure that there will be a comfortable gambling experience not only for the players but for the dealer as well. The second live dealer setup type is where the dealer is being broadcast from an actual brick and mortar casino. This means that the rest of the players will be able to see the actual players at the accrual casino table and can even see the action unfolds while the game is being played.

Playing live dealer casino games online means that a player will have a divided screen as he plays the game. The top section will show the broadcast with the dealer. It will also display such details as chat box, bet limits and timer. The other half of your screen will show the dealer’s table represented digitally.

For games like blackjack and baccarat, whatever cards have been dealt will also be reflected on the screen, along with your wagering options. It functions just about the same as any purely digitized web-based casino game.

Instead of being provided by the actual casino operators, the software for live dealer games is supplied by a third-party company.

PlayTech and Microgaming are just one of the few that supply live dealer programs for online roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Considering how there seem to be more calls for live dealer options in online casinos, it is expected that more players will pop up, eventually gaining a considerable position of the market share for online casino live dealers.

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