It’s quite impressive how online casinos have become very popular today. More and more people seem to go the online route, picking it as their preferred gambling platform well over traditional casinos. This is hardly a surprise considering how virtual casinos offer almost everything that land-based casinos feature with added convenience of players no longer having the need to be physically present at a gambling facility in order to start enjoying the games.

For people from the outside looking in, online casinos are indeed everything every gambler could hope for. Accessible and convenient, it gets rid of the need for players to travel far just to enjoy their favorite games. Online casinos have also opened doors for avid players that want to get access to their favorite games no matter the time of the day. With online casinos operating 24/7, players can instantly connect with the casinos servers, click on a game and start playing any time.

Still, despite all the positive feedback from people that did experience online gambling before there still seems to be persistent talk behind the scene about some of the questionable things that these virtual gambling operators have been practicing that may raise more than a few eyebrows. From altering results to offering lower than usual payouts to unreasonably-conditioned bonuses, there are so many things about online casinos that people don’t really know about.

If you have been thinking of transitioning your gambling activities to the online platform, it is best that you get to know as much as you can about online casinos before making the choice. Being aware of some of the red flags that a virtual gambling site isn’t as trustworthy as it appears to be will keep you safe from scams, frauds and other anomalies that might plague your gambling experience.

Low Payout Percentage

When you win at an online casino, you won’t really get 100% of your earnings. The casino is going to keep a specific percentage of what you have won before giving you the rest. Online casinos can easily afford to offer higher payout rates so when one actually offers a very low percentage, this can be quite a red flag. On average, online casinos should offer 95% in payouts. You can even find others offering higher numbers. Anything below 95% however isn’t worth pursuing.

Rigged Games

This has long since been a controversial point that a lot of loyal traditional casino gamblers have since long posited. Since online casinos often have to rely on RNG or random number generators — computer programs that are designed to come up with random results of online casinos games, many feel that it can be tweaked to favor the house even more. To make sure that an online casino is indeed practicing fairness at all times, check if they are getting regular audits from third party organizations. This way, you can feel confident that their games aren’t rigged or influenced any outside forces that will lead to you losing more.

Questionable Bonus Offers

A lot of people automatically assume that bonuses are free money and hence, should be accepted whenever offered. However, there’s hardly anything that’s offered for free in every sense of the word at online gambling sites. Online casinos actually use bonus offers to catch the attention of potential players. Often, the lure of free money is what keeps people coming.

Later on they will just find out that the bonus they just accepted comes with strict conditions that need to be followed, otherwise they won’t be able to take full advantage of it. Unsuspecting players that don’t take time to read the fine print are usually the ones getting constantly hit by these dubious schemes.

There isn’t any doubt that online casinos transformed the gambling landscape. Still, this doesn’t mean they are perfect— far from it, actually. As always, prudence and circumspection are two things you should always practice when choosing an online casino. Only then can you be sure that your gambling experience will be nothing but fair and fun.

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